Our Why

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Low Stress visits are important for two main reasons. First, when stress levels spike, the body reacts physiologically in a variety of ways. This can actually interfere with different tests that we often run, which makes it more challenging to provide an accurate diagnosis. Second, when pets are stressed by the veterinary experience, pet owners [...]

Our Methods

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Separate dog and cat lobbies and noise reducing features of the building. Examine pet where they are comfortable (in carrier, on floor, etc…) Give cats time to come out of the carrier on their own. Give treats when appropriate (peanut butter, Cheese whiz, their own treat) Fast the pet before visit to encourage reward acceptance. [...]

Our Promise

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We will evaluate each individual pet’s stress level. We will assess each patient for pain at every visit. We will be mindful of anxiety triggers within the hospital. We will use individualized fear-free techniques with every pet. We will use appropriate drug therapy to maintain the safety and well-being of the pet, owner and staff. [...]

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