Your Pet’s Itching Explained

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Springtime is itchy time, with bug bites, allergies, and humidity making people and their pets deeply miserable. While allergies are the most common causes for pets’ chronic itchiness, parasites and high humidity are also big problems in our state, contributing to skin infections and hot spots. If your pet’s scratching is out of control, our [...]

Common Dental Conditions Seen in Pets

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Most pet owners don’t think too much about their pet’s mouth, but conditions affecting their oral health can lead to significant pain and potentially serious systemic complications. Our Lebanon Animal Hospital team sees numerous pets affected by dental issues every day, and we want to educate you about common dental conditions we see. What are [...]

More and Less—New Year’s Resolutions for Your Pet

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The New Year is a popular time to evaluate your habits and choose activities you’d like to do more of—or not do at all—to make positive life changes. Your pet can also benefit from similar resolutions. Our Lebanon Animal Hospital team offers pet resolutions that will empower pet owners to improve their pet’s health and [...]

Cat Facts That Will Make You Say Me-WOW!

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Cats are known for their independence and curiosity, but they are much more complex. Our Lebanon Animal Hospital is spilling the tea on fascinating felines with six interesting cat facts that will make you say, “Me-WOW!”   #1: Cats and the flehmen response Have you been baffled by your cat’s facial expression that looks like a [...]

7 Common Myths About Pet Allergies Debunked

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Allergies in pets are a common occurrence, but myths abound about these conditions. Knowing the facts about pet allergies can help you provide your affected pet with the appropriate treatment. Our team at Lebanon Animal Hospital wants to help by debunking some common myths about allergies in pets. #1 Myth: Pets exhibit allergies similar to [...]

Coughing In Dogs And Cats: Why Is My Pet Coughing?

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Honking, hacking, loud, soft, or gagging—whatever the noise, a cough is an important reflex that protects your pet’s airways, so hearing a cough from time to time is normal. An investigation is warranted when a cough becomes persistent or recurring. Coughing causes in pets range from easily treatable infections to difficult-to-control chronic diseases. Your Lebanon [...]

Doctor, Doctor, Tell Me Quick—Can My Pet Make Me Sick?

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No one wants to think of their sweet pet causing them harm—but COVID-19 raised many questions about the illnesses that domestic pets can transmit to humans. Sadly, amid the initial panic, some owners surrendered or abandoned their pets out of fear and misunderstanding.  While Lebanon Animal Hospital wants to reassure you that a healthy person [...]

A Life-Saving Procedure: The Importance of Spaying or Neutering Your Pet

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As a pet owner, you likely know that spaying or neutering your pet will help manage the pet overpopulation problem, but did you know the procedures can also provide numerous health and behavior benefits? Removing your pet’s hormonal urges and reproductive organs can keep your furry pal healthier and happier, and become a better family [...]

How to Spot Dental Disease in Your Pet and What to Do About It

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You may think your pet’s daily dental chew is all they need for good oral health, until you notice your furry pal’s horrendous breath. How did that happen? Unfortunately, a dental chew is not enough to stave off oral bacteria and dental disease, except as part of a well-rounded oral care plan. Keep an eye [...]

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