Coughing In Dogs And Cats: Why Is My Pet Coughing?

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Honking, hacking, loud, soft, or gagging—whatever the noise, a cough is an important reflex that protects your pet’s airways, so hearing a cough from time to time is normal. An investigation is warranted when a cough becomes persistent or recurring. Coughing causes in pets range from easily treatable infections to difficult-to-control chronic diseases. Your Lebanon [...]

Pet Safe Gift Guidelines

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You don’t want your pet left out of the holiday gift giving, but how do you choose a safe gift for your furry family member? While numerous toys and treats are on the market, you may be unsure which products are best for your pet. Our American Animal Hospital Association-accredited team at Lebanon Animal Hospital [...]

Is Your Pet’s Pancreas a Problem?

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The pancreas is a sneaky and sensitive organ that can make dogs and cats dangerously ill. While the healthy pancreas carries out essential processes for digestion and metabolism, an inflamed pancreas can trigger widespread inflammation and toxic self-destruction. Learn all you need to know about this little-known disease in Lebanon Animal Hospital’s guide to pancreatitis.  [...]

9 Weight Management Tips for Pet Owners

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Food is not love, but many pet owners express their feelings for their pet by providing excess food and treats. This habit has resulted in more than half of pets in the United States being overweight or obese. Our American Animal Hospital Association-accredited team at Lebanon Animal Hospital wants to help mitigate this problem, by [...]

Meet the Lebanon Animal Hospital Veterinarians

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Without our hardworking veterinarians, we wouldn’t be able to provide gold-standard care to the Lebanon community pets. These incredible people have dedicated their lives to caring for the voiceless, and we’re delighted to have them leading our team of veterinary professionals. Read on to discover more about Drs. Wesson, Morency, and Craig. Question: Where are [...]

The Pet Toxin Home Tour

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A home should be a safe and comfortable space—not hazardous to your furry friend. Unfortunately, the average home contains at least 62 toxic chemicals, and a pet’s natural curiosity and unique physiology increase their risk of exposure. Lebanon Animal Hospital wants to help you recognize potential toxins that could put your pet at risk with [...]

Doctor, Doctor, Tell Me Quick—Can My Pet Make Me Sick?

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No one wants to think of their sweet pet causing them harm—but COVID-19 raised many questions about the illnesses that domestic pets can transmit to humans. Sadly, amid the initial panic, some owners surrendered or abandoned their pets out of fear and misunderstanding.  While Lebanon Animal Hospital wants to reassure you that a healthy person [...]

Fleas and Ticks are Tiny Pets. What’s the Big Deal?

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A diligent pet owner, you have your pets on a flea and tick prevention program recommended by the friendly staff at Lebanon Animal Hospital, and you dutifully purchase the products every 6 to 12 months. At the dog park, you are regarded as a Good Pet Owner. When your pet is due, you administer the [...]

A Life-Saving Procedure: The Importance of Spaying or Neutering Your Pet

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As a pet owner, you likely know that spaying or neutering your pet will help manage the pet overpopulation problem, but did you know the procedures can also provide numerous health and behavior benefits? Removing your pet’s hormonal urges and reproductive organs can keep your furry pal healthier and happier, and become a better family [...]

8 Facts Every Pet Owner Should Know About Heartworm Disease

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Heartworm disease is a constant threat to pets in the southern states, because of our hot, humid weather. In fact, the Companion Animal Parasite Council reported more than 8,000 heartworm cases in Tennessee last year alone. We know you want to do everything possible to keep your furry companion safe and healthy, so our Lebanon [...]

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