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At Lebanon Animal Hospital, we use the highest standards of anesthesia administration, as set by the American Animal Hospital Association. We perform pre-anesthetic blood work, to ensure that each of our patients is healthy enough for anesthesia. Our adherence to AAHA standards means that your pet is a safe as possible.

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Is your pet misbehaving? Is he or she engaging in behavior that is not typical? We can help. We provide behavioral counseling services designed to help us identify any underlying health problems and training techniques to eliminate unwanted behavior.

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We provide dermatology services for pets with uncomfortable skin conditions, especially those related to allergies. 10% of pets have allergies and many times this is a contributing factor in a pets overall well-being.

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Internal Medicine

Internal medicine is a very important part of pet medical care. We at Lebanon Animal Hospital provide this at the highest level possible. We perform internal diagnostics and treat a variety of medical cases. If your pet is ill, we are equipped to help.

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We provide radiology services at our hospital, enabling us to use x-ray internal imaging on our patients. This allows us to image and understand what is happening inside the pet. We also perform digital dental x-rays that allow us to identify and treat dental disease that is hidden below the gum line.

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Spay and Neuter

We believe that it’s important for all pets that are not being bred to be spayed and neutered. Spaying and neutering improves your pet’s health, life expectancy, and behavior! We perform spay and neuter surgeries using state-of-the-art surgical techniques and safe anesthesia with IV fluids on every patient.

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Our in-house ultrasound is part of our internal diagnostic technology. We use ultrasound to visualize internal the body in a whole new way. Our LOGIC e vet machine is state of the art.

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We provide important vaccinations needed for all pet life stages. Vaccines are the core of protection from common illness. Our vaccination protocol is individually determined, based on the needs and lifestyle of your pet.

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Annual wellness exams are important for all pets, just like a health physical is important for all humans. We perform these wellness checks regularly in order to establish a base line of health for each of our patients. This makes it easier for us to identify health conditions as soon as they develop, making us able to treat them quickly and efficiently.

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